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About Us

Gurney Brothers Construction was established in the spring of 1957 by Don and Sam Gurney in response to the growing need for machinery operators throughout southern Vermont. With the Department of Agriculture’s push towards soil conservation, the Gurney brothers acknowledged their potential in land and field-clearing, while increasing the utility of local farmland.


Although the company’s initial ventures primarily dealt with stone removal for private farmers, Gurney Brothers soon grew to include additional services to support the soil conservation effort. By the mid-1960s, Gurney Brothers had hired its first two employees and had become a primary contractor for field drainage, farm pond construction and other excavation work throughout the county.


As the demographic has since urbanized, Gurney Brothers Construction has also changed its service to accommodate both the rural and municipal needs of Springfield and its surrounding communities. Today, Gurney Brothers Construction is a leader in installing box culverts, repairing and rebuilding roads, installing and repairing water lines, installing and repairing sewer lines and septic systems, land clearing, site work, demolition, and so much more.  still family owned and in the hands of Doug, Dan and Brad Gurney.

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